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Baby Diapers Comfi-Fit® tape and System 7000TM thread ensure a snug fit that stops leaking while gently following the contour of the leg to prevent red marking. 

Training Pants Fulflex applies the same stretch technology to training pants, delivering comfort and non-leak performance. Fulflex Comfi-Fit® elastic tape provides very high stretch so training pants perform at optimum levels. 

Adult Incontinence Products (Diapers, pads, underwear) Fulflex elastics give adult incontinence products sustained fit and comfort. Our stretch technology ensures non-leak performance for all types of adult incontinence products.

Feminine Hygiene Fulflex elastics are an ideal component for this application, providing specific performance requirements for feminine hygiene products.


  • Synthetic formulas are free of natural rubber protein allergens
  • Consistent force characteristics over a wide range of elongation and contraction
  • High elongation, up to 400% installed
  • Low energy loss, low set
  • Wider, thinner cross-sections
  • Ultra high yields in product
  • Customized features – colors, modulus, cross-section
  • Multiple ends
  • Lower elastic stress reduces red marking for babies and tender, aging skin
  • Suitable for wide range of fit and sizes
  • Lowest cost
  • Flexible design and aesthetics for customized product features
  • Simplified process, reduced number of strands
  • Improved line performance
  • Continuous processing from engineered packaging systems
  • DMAC and solvent free tapes and threads.

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