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Elastic Rubber Threads

Our rubber threads are made from unique latex-free rubber compounds that are skin-friendly and deliver quality, comfort and best line reliability to the diapers, training pants, adult incontinence products, and the feminine hygiene products.

Standard Colors

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Product summary

Comfort and stretch retention are extremely important criteria for the elastic used in hygiene industries.

Our rubber threads maintain stretch without sagging, while delivering leak-proof performance and a comfortable fit, regardless of size . A lower elastic pressure allows the threads to be gentle on the skin, and reduces potential red marks on babies or tender and aging skin. 

product summary elastic rubber threads
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Features & Benefits

  • Minimal force variation over a wide range of elongation and contraction

  • High elongation, up to 400% installed

  • Low permanent set, hysteresis loss and stress relaxation

  • Superior stress-strain curve absorbs process variation on converters without impacting performance

  • Comfortable leak-free fit with greater extension

  • Large choice of cross-sections, from rectangular to thin, flat tape

  • Multiple ends

  • Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens

  • Excellent stretch and recovery attributes

  • Lower elastic stress reduces red marking for babies and tender, aging skin

  • Flexible design and aesthetics for customized product features

  • Simplified process, reduced number of strands

  • Improved line performance

  • DMAC and solvent free

Standard parameters

Product specifications

MaterialSynthetic Polyisoprene (latex-free)
Standard width0.023" (0.58 mm), 0.027" (0.69 mm), 0.038" (0.96 mm), 0.054" (1.37 mm), 0.057" (1.45 mm)
Thickness range0.012" – 0.045" (0.30 mm – 1.14 mm)
PackagingSpools or boxes for continuous runs

Product applications

Learn about the varied applications of elastic rubber threads


Threads for braided & knitted elastic strap


Threads for braided & knitted elastic strap


Baby diapers, Training pants, Feminine hygiene, Adult incontinence segment


Threads for cargo netting, bungee cords, shock cords and more

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