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Underwear, swimwear, sportswear, intimate apparel, loungewear, shapewear, home textiles, others: car covers, luggage pockets and anywhere elastication is required.

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Medical disposables: latex-free rubber tourniquets, TPE tourniquets, esmark bandages, latex-free drape inserts, TPE drape inserts, rubber sheets and antimicrobial coating options. Threads for compression bandages, compression sleeves, orthopedic soft goods and medical webbing.

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Elastic tapes for N95 masks, face shields, safety goggles, disposable clothing and all protective wear and more. Rubber diaphragms for mask valves, threads for braided and knitted mask straps. Thermoplastic tapes for masks. Rubber rings for industrial masks.

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Elastic tapes and threads for – baby diapers, training pants, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence products and more.

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Resistance bands, power loop bands, mini loop bands, exercise tubing, floss bands, resistance bars, spiky balls, massage balls, hand grips, yoga mats and more.

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Fire-resistant thermal insulation sheeting, abrasion resistant sheeting, rubber tubes, rubber bands, rubber seals and anti-slip rubber mats.

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Food grade tapes, food grade sheeting, storage liners and more. Grafting tapes for plants and trees.

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Yoga mats, massage balls, spiky balls and more.

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Contamination-free custom mixing for varied applications in medical, industrial, automotive and more.

Custom Calendring1 custom calendring

Specialty calendering services and a clean process ensuring high quality.