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TPU Tapes

Our TPU elastic tape is a polyurethane-based highly elastic tape. With its great design, flexibility and durability, our TPU tapes provide comfort, fit and fashion for a wide range of intimate apparels and other textile applications. 

Standard Colors

Product Summary

Our TPU tapes deliver superior seam reinforcement and are best suited for seam bindings, bra straps, leg and waist bands for intimate apparel, swimwear and other textile applications.

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Features and benefits

  • Synthetic material, free of latex allergens

  • High modulus and strength

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Customized features

  • Renders seamless and smooth finish in apparels

  • Garments maintain shape after multiple wear and wash cycles

  • Excellent laundering or dry cleaning resistance

Standard parameters

Product specifications

MaterialSynthetic elastomer (polyurethane)
Standard width6 mm (1/4"), 8 mm (5/16"), 10 mm (0.39"), 20 mm (0.78"), 25 mm (1")
Other custom widths up to 1100 mm (43")
Thickness range0.10 mm (0.004") to 1.00 mm (0.040")
PackagingStandard packaging in 7 kg (15 pounds) boxes festooned in continuous length
Custom packing available on request

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