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Floss Bands

Our floss bands, made with latex-free synthetic rubber, are perfect for improving joint or muscle mobility, increasing range of movement, enhancing tissue and fascial mobility, reducing swelling and mitigating body pain.

Standard Colors

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Product summary

Flexibility and performance play a key role for floss bands that are used for flossing applications, which is a technique to improve muscle range and recovery, improve mobility and decrease pain.

Our floss bands are long bands that get wrapped tightly around a specific joint, extremity, or group of muscles.

Flexible, durable and hypoallergenic, our floss bands are also used for releasing myofascial trigger points, reducing swelling in joints and improving range of motion for muscles.

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Features and benefits

  • Free of latex allergens

  • Skin friendly

  • Flexible durable

  • Full size, extra-long band offering high quality and long life

  • Maximum stretch is 150% of length

Standard parameters

Product specifications

Resistance Levels

ResistanceColor CodeResistanceThicknessWidthLength
Kgs.* Lbs.* Inch. MM Inch. MM Yards Meters
5 kg while stretching to 100% of the length

* 10% tolerance in resistance / strength is applicable

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