Fire - Resistant Thermal Insulation Sheeting

Fire - Resistant Thermal Insulation Sheeting

Our fire-resistant thermal insulation rubber sheeting with unique self-extinguishing properties, is designed for the protection of the equipment and machinery that operates in a fire-prone environment.

Standard Colors

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Product Summary

Our fire-resistant thermal insulation sheeting helps resist fire propagation, reduces smoke & toxic emissions in the event of fire breakouts.

Our fire-resistant rubber sheeting serve a variety of applications, such as protective covering over thermally insulated surfaces for fire and weatherproofing purposes, as fire-resistant gaskets or skirting rubber in an underground mine conveyor line. It can also be used as fire-resistant rubber flooring and matting.

summary Fire-Resistant Thermal Insulation Sheeting
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Features and Benefits

  • Excellent fire-resistant properties.

  • Superior resistance to heat, water, Ozone & UV.

  • Product complies with global RoHS and REACH standards.

  • Recommended operating temperature: 40°C (-40°F) to 100°C (212°F).

Standard parameters

Product specifications

Material Synthetic rubber composite
Standard thickness 1mm (0.039") to 5mm (0.196")
Standard width Up to 1200 mm (47.24")
Standard length 5 m - 100 m (16.4 ft. or 328 ft.)
Surface finish Textured
Packaging In roll form, the sheet is packed in HDPE sheet/liner & palletised.

Technical specifications

Technical Features
PropertiesTest Method UnitNominal Values
Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore A 75 +/-5 Shore A
Tensile strength ASTM D412 Mpa (Psi) Minimum 5 Mpa (725 Psi)
Elongation at break ASTM D412 % Minimum 200 %
Limiting Oxygen
Index (LOI)
EN ISO 4589-1 % Minimum 42 %
Ozone Resistant No cracks at 40°C (104°F) of ozone concentration 50 pphm for 96 hours
UV Resistant No visible discoloration and no cracks for 1000 hours under UV light

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