Textile Markets

Elastic Tape for Textile Markets

The fabrics in today’s athletic wear, swimwear, underwear, shapewear, and intimate apparel require the superior stretching ability for fit and comfort combined with long-lasting performance. Our elastic tapes and threads are specially designed to provide comfort, fit and performance.

Laundraflex® is a proprietary formulation of synthetic or natural rubber compounds that deliver all this in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and colors to give you the right properties for your application.

Swimwear Fulflex developed ORT 2000TM for the specific needs of the swimwear industry. This compound resists the oils and chemicals in suntan and body lotions, and stands up to the chlorinated pool and salt water, giving your swimwear products long-lasting comfortable stretch.

Intimate Apparel Our elastics are thin and lightweight delivering comfort and design for the sheerest fabrics. Laundraflex® tape and thread allow your intimate apparel products to gently hug the contours of the body while providing excellent durability and stretch recovery. Laundraflex® has become the first choice of the intimate apparel industry.

Underwear Fulflex compounds won’t shrink in the wash, stain or yellow. They do provide extra comfort. Laundraflex® tape delivers gentle comfort to underwear while resisting discoloration. Our elastics give underwear products long-lasting, durable stretch, and prevent shrinking, a common problem in underwear.

Athleticwear and Shapewear Fulflex elastics provide the compression and sustained comfortable fit you need to create superior products in these popular segments.

Leg Elastic Laundraflex® tapes and thread deliver strength and durability to leg elastic applications with low hysteresis and permanent set.

Disposable Protective Clothing Fulflex elastic tape and thread provide superior performance for the waist and cuff areas of disposable protective clothing. Our stretch technology ensures that disposable protective clothing will fit comfortably and perform to required specifications.

Gloves Fulflex compounds are used in cuff applications to deliver a snug fit and increased protection. Our elastics enable protective gloves to fit comfortably and perform optimally.

Household Covers Fulflex Laundraflex® tape and thread is used in a variety of household covers for multiple applications. Our elastics deliver strength and durability to household covers and ensure long-term performance.

Seam Bindings Fulflex Clear-Fit® provides comfort, fit and fashion in a wide range of textiles and garments.

Bra Straps Our Clear-Fit® compound delivers fashion appeal and performance while allowing design flexibility.

Waist Bands Laundraflex® tape and thread are used in numerous applications including children’s wear and casual wear, delivering the wash and wear performance these garments require. Fulflex elastics make waistbands comfortable yet durable.


  • Excellent stretch and recovery attributes
  • Outstanding physical toughness
  • Needle-puncture resistant for better sewing properties
  • Completely launderable and long lasting
  • Custom features – color, size, end counts – allow design flexibility
  • Resistant to chlorinated pool and salt water
  • Very low permanent set
  • Gentle and form fitting

Fulflex Elastic Tapes

Give your product the comfort advantage.

  • Excellent snug fit without excess pull or pressure
  • No leakage, comfortable pressure
  • Easy donning
  • Fits multiple head sizes
  • Preferred in extended wear situations
  • Resistant to skin oils
  • Comfortable against the skin
  • Excellent stretch and recover attributes
  • Strong enough to resist staple damage

Fulflex Elastic Threads

High-performance with competitive cost.

  • Knit, braid and covering applications
  • Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens
  • Excellent stretch and recover attributes
  • Custom features for color, size, and counts, allow design flexibility
  • Very low permanent set

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