Power Loop Bands


Power Loop Bands

Our power loop bands are designed for high performance and well suited for your full body workouts.

Standard Colors

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Product Summary

Power packed, versatile and resistance performance are key features of our power loop bands, which are used for a wide range of exercises for speed and agility training, stretching, resistance based exercises, general conditioning and rehabitation. 

Our Power loop bands are continuous loop elastic bands that are powerful, offers amazing stretch potential yet light and compact, so they can be stored and taken anywhere.

Get the edge

Features and benefits

  • Help strengthen muscles

  • Color-coded resistance levels

  • Light and compact

  • Powder-free surface

Standard parameters

Product specifications

Resistance Levels

Power loop bands are available in different resistance levels.

ResistanceColor CodeResistance (Ref.)WidthLoop Length
Level 1Light Beige4.08.8100.432012.6
Level 2Cyan Blue7.015.4150.632012.6
Level 3Forest Green10.022200.832012.6
Level 1Light Beige4.08.8100.456022
Level 2Cyan Blue7.015.4150.656022
Level 3Forest Green10.022200.856022

*10% tolerance in resistance / strength is applicable.

We offer OEM and private label services with customized packaging, while collaborating with our partners to support their brands globally.

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