Latex-Free Drape Inserts

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Latex-Free Drape Inserts

Our latex-free drape inserts provide the right stretch and a smooth feel, thus forming an ideal component of a drape sheet.

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Product summary

Comfort and skin protection are extremely important criteria for drape inserts used in a variety of drape products.

Our drape inserts, free of latex allergens, offer complete protection from skin irritations and allergies, while delivering the right stretch and a smooth feel. Available in different sizes for surgical drape manufacturers, these high quality drape inserts are the industry’s top choice. 

 summary Latex-free drape inserts
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Features and benefits

  • High quality

  • Comfortable during use

  • Protects from skin irritations and allergy

  • Can be sterilized using Gamma or ETO

Standard parameters

Product Specifications

MaterialSynthetic polyisoprene (latex-free)
Standard widthAny width up to 900 mm (35″) – 1200 mm (47″)
Thickness range0.19 mm to 1 mm (0.007″ to 0.040″)
Supply formRolled
Cut to specific size

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