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Rubber Calendering

Throughout our 85-year history, Fulflex has delivered thin-gauge calendering products to leading companies worldwide. We offer a wide range of choices in polymer and rubber sheet solutions. Choose thin-gauge rubber sheeting from .007" to .050" (0.17mm to 1.27mm).

One key to our success is consistency—it starts with the right feedstock temperature and a mixed stock that is clean and properly dispersed. Fulflex utilizes gear pump extrusion to ensure the homogeneity and temperature of the mix. Next, we use a two-stage metal detection process delivering the highest quality compound available.

Our Four Roll Z calendar is a continuous forming operation using a minimum of two heated driven rolls to form a sheet or film of a given thickness/gauge.

And Fulflex calenders are equipped with Digital Gauge Technology, constantly scanning both the X and Y axis (machine direction and the transverse direction). This technology delivers the tightest gauge tolerances in the industry, ensuring that your calendered material is the correct basis weight with consistent product uniformity.

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