Success Stories of Valve for Respirator

Valve for Respirator

The Challenge

A global manufacturer of industrial face masks approached Fulflex to improve the quality of their respirator mask exhalation valves. The seals around the edges of the masks had above normal leakage causing scrap rates. 

The Action

Our analysis of the problem showed that the valves were not sitting properly in their housing, causing them to fail the leak test. The material was drooping, which caused the seal at the edge to leak. 

The Solution

Fulflex’s R&D group developed a new compound that was capable of sealing the edges while remaining flexible enough to perform in the exhalation process. The result was a valve that decreased failure rates by 20% and performed significantly better. Fulflex’s superior gauge control was critical in improving customer yield by assuring proper seating of the valves as well as maintaining constant tension.

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