Odor Modification

Odor Modification

The Challenge

Some hygiene products such as diapers and adult incontinence products are made using raw materials that have a “chemical” smell that consumers find unappealing. This smell is especially noticeable during high summer temperatures when the product bags are first opened.

The Action

Fulflex identified the components causing the odors and tested a number of benign fragrances to mask or improve the smell.

The Solution

Fulflex developed a modified leg and cuff elastic where a specific masking agent is incorporated into the elastic. It migrates over time to the surface where it slowly evaporates and continuously generates a smell masking the odor, without the need for any additional chemicals to be added by the producer.

These masking agents are approved for cosmetic application and skin contact and can be chosen from a variety of fragrances such as baby powder, chamomile, and floral scents. The chemicals are REACH compliant and have no impact on product performance.

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