Fulflex Product 5

ORT 2000TM

ORT 2000TM elastic tapes and threads provide excellent resistance to sun tan lotions and oils while maintaining comfort and fit. Designed to provide comfort, fit and performance. ORT 2000 is used in a wide variety of products including swimwear, underwear, leg and waist elastics and intimate apparel.

To provide protection against the harmful effects of suntan oils, Fulflex has developed ORT 2000. It is a unique blend of natural rubber and synthetic polymers that are so different, it is patented. The most significant attribute of the ORT 2000 formulation is that it equals the performance of natural rubber in terms of comfortable fit and stretch-recovery characteristics. Other benefits include:

  • Resistance to salt water
  • Resistance to perspiration
  • Resistance to chlorine
  • Completely launderable

Protect the long-term reputation of your swimwear by using only Fulflex ORT 2000.


ORT 2000TM