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IsopurTM Esmarch (Esmark)

Latex-free Esmark bandages offer maximum, consistent pressure to extremities for exsanguination prior to surgery. Our proprietary latex-free compound IsopurTM, eliminates all natural rubber proteins and fatty acids normally associated with natural rubber Esmarchs. IsopurTM Esmarchs provide consistent elongation for optimum compression and ease of application, making them the best choice for use in limb surgery and numerous cosmetic procedures. 


  • Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens, and PVC
  • Less abrasive to the skin  
  • Consistent elongation for optimum compression
  • Ease of application  
  • Safe stock option
  • Precise gauge and physical property controls
  • Sterilizable by Gamma or ETO
  • Color options  

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IsopurTM Esmarch (Esmark)