Comfi Fit System 7000 Elastics by Fulflex

Comfi-Fit®System 7000TM

Our unique latex-free compounds deliver quality, comfort and the best line reliability to the diaper, training pants, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene industries.

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How Comfi-Fit™ Elastic Delivers Consumer Benefits

  • Skin friendly; lower elastic pressure than any spandex thread; reduces red marking for babies and tender, aging skin
  • Offers excellent comfort and fit regardless of size, with no leakage
  • Maintains stretch without sagging, even with hours of use
  • Provides in-motion security for extremely active babies and adults

Performance Features

  • Minimal force variation over a wide range of elongation and contraction
  • High elongation, up to 360 percent installed
  • Low permanent set, hysteresis loss and stress relaxation
  • Flat stress-strain curve absorbs process variation on converters without impacting performance

Product Features

  • Large choice of cross-sections, from rectangular "thread" to thin, flat tape
  • Customized colors, modulus, cross-section, odor masking
  • Multiple ends
  • Spools or boxes for continuous runs


Comfi-Fit for Hygiene Applications