Fulflex Clear-Fit


Fulflex Clear-Fit®, with its great design flexibility, provides comfort, fit and fashion for a wide range of textiles and garments. Applications include seam bindings, bra straps, leg and waistbands for lingerie, swimwear and other garments.


  • Synthetic formula, free of natural rubber protein allergen
  • High modulus and strength
  • Clear and durable
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Customized features – colors, modulus, cross-section
  • Thinner than standard elastics eliminating unsightly seams and bulges
  • Garments maintain shape after multiple wear/wash cycles
  • Clear and transparent, eliminating grin through and providing fashion appeal
  • Excellent laundering or dry cleaning resistance
  • Flexibility of design and aesthetics for customized products features
  • Look
  • Continuous processing from engineered packaging systems

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Application of Fulflex Clear-Fit