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Fulflex – The New Wave of Elastic Technology

(Published in the magazine: Manufacturing Technology Insights)

The world of manufacturing is no stranger to the value that elastic products can bring, given its excellent elongation and recovery properties. From domestic textile and apparel to medical textile and industrial clothing, the use of elastic bands, tapes, and threads, is widespread today. Typically, elastic is used for tightening, gripping, and holding of things with ease purposes. However, what can challenge its usability is its friendliness toward human skin. Prolonged use of elastic tapes or threads can make deep creases and red markings on the skin. Addressing this issue is Fulflex, a world’s leading manufacturer of thin-gauge calendered and extruded elastic products.

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Amidst the unpleasant economic realities, the demand for our #elastic is unreal!

(Published in the magazine: Vermont Business Magazine)

Being the maker of elastic, we are a critical supplier of material used in the manufacture of facemasks & disposable medical garments & so the demand has spiked.

How has this spike in demand impacted us?
How long will this demand sustain?
How did we gear up?
To get answers to all these questions, read the Vermont Business Magazine narrative.

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Fulflex stretching to meet demand

(Published online: Bennington Banner)

Undoubtedly, this unexpected challenge has put our lives in a temporary lockdown. But this challenge has also made us more aware and careful about our health, safety, and hygiene.

Keeping the #health, #safety, and #hygiene our top priority, we are stretching our limits to emerge from this #crisis better, stronger and more aligned with our as well as our customers' business #needs.

We make #elastic for personal protective equipment and we believe how incredibly important our role in flattening the curve.

#InThisTogether #COVID19 #Fulflex #masks #facemasks #PPE

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Elastic Tapes & Threads for Face Masks

Fulflex products are engineered to make face masks comfortable during extended usage by applying our unique technology that minimises contact pressure while keeping a snug fit.

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Fulflex contributes to the Fight against Covid-19

(Published online: Caledonian Record)

Amid a spate of bad news, it is quite evident that the world is fighting collectively to deal with this. Likewise, many manufacturing communities in Vermont, #Fulflex has also stepped forward to aid in the recovery effort by ramping up the production of #elastic.

It is important to recognize the Vermont government authorities & the cluster of manufacturers of #PPE, medical devices and life- saving medicines, for the efforts they are putting it to curb the shortages of emergency health care supplies needed by hospitals.

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Fulflex Stretching Limits

(Published online: Association of the Nonwoven Fabric Industry)

In the light of the current pandemic crisis, it is our moral obligation & has instilled in us, to help & support the community.

Times are tough for us and we are honored to have positioned ourselves to respond rapidly to the unprecedented demands during these tough times.

We hope to continue to serve our valued customers throughout the fast-changing needs of frontline healthcare workers and the general public.

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Stretching to meet Demand

(Published online: Brattleboro Reformer)

In response to mitigate the risk during COVID- 19, we are ramping up to meet the international demands for our specialty products — elastic tape, diaphragm and threads for face masks so that the makers of #facemasks keep accelerating production to curb the shortage and protect our brave frontline medical and essential workers, helping to flatten the curve on #COVID19.

Challenges? Yes, we have.

How are we meeting them?

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#Covid-19 Fulflex Team Contributes

From the amazing workforce at the plant who are doing their best to accomplish that is important in this global fight, to those who are adjusting to working from home and ensuring that the business can react quickly and provide the solutions we pride ourselves on – it has never been more apparent that we're all #InThisTogether.

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Visit us at Hose Manufacturers Conference, 12-13th November 2019 at Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA

TechTex India, July-Sep '14 Issue: 'How To Make the Right Disposable Hygiene Product'