Elastics 101

Elastics 101

Elastic Design Considerations

With Fulflex, you’ll have better customer experience and a better product. How can we be so sure? Our product development team will work closely with your engineers to come up with the best elastic application for your product.

Technically speaking, we can customize polymer selection, elastic power/modulus, and geometry/cross-section. Basis weight can be reduced while increasing modulus to maintain the required power level for best value.

The result is a solution specific to your product that will set it – and you – apart in your market.

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Fulflex Sustainability

Fulflex uses natural rubber in a variety of applications with its unique elastic properties and sustainability. Rubber’s high elongation and tensile strength make it particularly useful for sewn applications in apparel and industrial textiles.

Fulflex is committed to meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations in our operations. We recycle materials and find ways to repurpose the rubber products we manufacture. We work with several markets, supplying our trim scrap and recycled materials for use in many different product applications. 

By reducing the basis weight of our elastic in disposable applications we help customers conserve resources and reduce their environmental impact.

Product Safety and Compliance

Fulflex is committed to making health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of our products, from raw materials through a disposal. This discipline has added importance as supply chains for domestically sold products extend to parts of the world with less stringent health and environmental standards.

We work closely with our clients regulatory and safety compliance organizations to expedite the approval process and to facilitate rapid response in a changing environment. In our Product Stewardship Program, safety is a top priority and we use only the safest FDA GRAS ingredients to meet these standards, and our customers’ needs. 

Fulflex vs Spandex

Spandex is a crystalline polymer, segmented polyurethane. The urethane segments are hard and stiff and subject to strong hydrogen bonding that acts as a crystal lattice, inhibiting elongated stretching. Crystallization also increases hysteresis and permanent set.

Fulflex Polyisoprene elastic has lower modulus, lower permanent set, and a flat stress-strain curve compared to Spandex. It’s more forgiving for process variations. And Fulflex is both flatter and wider than Spandex. It spreads lower forces over a wider contact area, for increased comfort. This results in improved sustained comfortable fit in any elastic application.

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Fulflex Uses Natural Rubber