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Considering that the speeds of high-speed conversion lines can be 1,000 feet per minute, shutting down a production line not only costs you time and labor, but it’s also extremely expensive. Fortunately, Fulflex can improve the reliability of converting elastic on high-speed conversion lines for disposable hygiene products. Our approach is to work with you to analyze the causes of downtime. We even use high-speed camera systems to see, in real time, where the problems arise. Our goal is to reduce the number of elastic breaks per day to optimize throughput and minimize process changes in your operation.

We also work with leading strainer, gear pump, and filter media manufacturers to improve our filtration capability. And by using 300 mesh screens we can remove contaminants down to the 50-micron level. The result is up to 75% reduction in elastic stops on production lines.

  • Super filtered elastic with less than 1 ppm contamination via dual straining
  • Pre-spliced “big boxes” 34 kg, 12 boxes on pallet = 408 kg
  • Continuous material flow – simple application
  • On-line camera cause-effect analysis and corrective action. Invaluable at highlighting unexpected issues
  • Less than 1.5 stops per million pads for recommended elastic

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