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Latex-Free Rubber Tourniquets

ISOPUR™, a unique latex-free compound, delivers safety, quality and comfort to the Medical and Healthcare industries.


Product Description

Made of a unique latex-free synthetic compound, Isopur™ Tourniquets are specially designed to provide comfort and non-slip performance.  They are less abrasive and eliminate all natural rubber proteins and fatty acids normally associated with latex tourniquets.


  • Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens

  • Less abrasive to the skin

  • Non-slip feature

  • Optimum contraction for easier receptive vein

  • Less force required for extension

  • Color options 
  • Excellent stretch and recovery attributes


Elastic Tapes: Tourniquets for medical kits & Procedures
Material: Synthetic elastomers, free of natural rubber protein allergens
Dimensions: Choice of thickness/width combinations
Thickness Range: 0.020”
Standard Widths: 0.75” – 1.0”
19.05mm – 25.4 mm
Color: White, Blue

Typical Physical Properties

Modulus/PSI @100% 150 - 300
Tensile: 2000 psi minimum
Elongation At Break:  >500%

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