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Latex-Free Esmark Bandages

ISOPUR™, a unique latex-free compound, delivers safety, quality and comfort to the Medical and Healthcare industries.


Product Description

Latex-Free Esmark bandages offer maximum and consistent pressure to extremities for exsanguation prior to surgery.  Made of unique Latex-Free ISOPUR™ compound, they are less abrasive and eliminate all natural rubber protein and fatty acids normally associated with latex Esmark bandages. 

ISOPUR™ also provides consistent elongation for optimum compression and ease of application.  ISOPUR™ is the ideal choice for use in limb surgical procedures including joint replacement and a variety of cosmetic procedures. 


  • Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens  
  • Less abrasive to the skin  
  • Provides consistent elongation for optimum compression
  • Ease of application  
  • Color options  
  • Safe stock options
  • Precise gauge and physical property controls


Esmark: Tourniquet for exsangguation prior to surgical procedures.
Thickness: .015”
Width: 3”, 4”, 6”
Length: 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, or as required
Color: Blue, Mint, White
Package: Rolls fastened with latex-free elastic band in poly-lined box
Certification: 100% Latex-Free, absolutely free of all natural rubber and associated proteins including packaging, splices and bands.  100% electronic inspection for defects and contamination.

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