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Rubber Sheeting Applications and Benefits

ISOPUR™, a unique latex-free compound, delivers safety, quality and comfort to the Medical and Healthcare industries.
Formulated for a multitude of industries, Fulflex rubber sheeting provides unique performance attributes for manufacturing and product requirements, and unparalleled problem-solving capabilities.  Made from both natural and synthetic blend polymers, Fulflex rubber sheeting exceeds all industry requirements for elastication. 


Diaper, Medical, Textile, Industrial, Automotive Specialty, Custom Applications

Features and Benefits

  • 100% latex-free compounds available
  • Meets Institute Pasteur and FDA latex-free requirements
  • Superior fit due to excellent hysteresis properties
  • Extremely flexible with formulation and dimensions to achieve high yields, high elongations, variable modulus, specific gravity and cost control
  • Excellent stretch recovery
  • Flame retardant available
  • Resistant to chlorine, suntan lotion, salt water and perspiration
  • Superior heat and copper resistance
  • Range of colors available
  • Elastic from renewable resources, which also gives a step reduction in costs
  • Continuous process packaging available
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